Co-operatively Catered Expeditions

Co-operatively Catered Trips

The main feature of this type of trip is that there is no motor boat support. Therefore, you are kayaking fully loaded kayaks and participating in all the camping and cooking duties, under the leadership of your guides.

At the beginning of the trip, you will learn how to efficiently pack your sea-kayak. It will then become a group task each day to load all the expedition gear into the kayaks before paddling to the next camping beach. The group will all help set up camp, cook meals and clean dishes. We have a pre-set meal plan, and the guides take overall responsibility, but everyone will take turns helping with the food prep, etc

On the 9 day Espiritu Santo circumnavigation trip, we make a mid week re-provision effectively halving the supplies we need to carry. It also enables us to take away your accumulated trash and take you out by motor boat to the sea lion colony to snorkel with the sea lion pups.

We find this expeditionary style of trip enhances the feeling of comradeship and creates a greater sense of adventure and self-sufficiency.